Ottawa - the Canadian Capital

On my round trip through central Canada I did not want to miss its capital, so I included a stop over in Ottawa on my way from Huntsville to Montréal. After my early arrival I took the short walk from the Ottawa Central Station to my hotel...

Huntsville - center of tourism in Muskoka

My round trip also included a short visit of Huntsville, a small town located near Algonquin Park. Huntsville is a popular destination for tourists because it is a great gateway into the park. Additionally the "Cottage Country" simply is beautiful...

Both sides of the Niagara Falls

I always wanted to see Niagara Falls so I incorporated a side trip to the Niagara region into my round trip to Canada. This excursion also included a short visit to the United States of America and Niagara-on-the-Lake. I really loved this stopover...

anaNAS - Requirement analysis and feature wishlist

This article summarizes my decision process to build "anaNAS". An analysis of my situation reveals problems with my current storage solution. They help to define new requirements for an evaluation of pre-built NAS systems. There are some limitations...

anaNAS - a guide for an enterprise-grade NAS

Storing huge amounts of data is increasingly becoming a challenge for consumers. As my digital footprint grew considerably over last years I had to cope with this problem. I decided to build a NAS myself, because pre-built solutions lack flexibility.

Fall foliage under acrylic glass - a short review

I wanted to preserve some memories of my vacation in Canada (2013), so I decided to order a 120 by 60 cm panorama of Algonquin Park with 6 mm glossy acrylic glass (called LUMASEC) from WhiteWall. The quality is absolutely outstanding...

A simple contact form for koken

After my decision to set up a new site using koken I encountered one problem: there is no plugin for a contact page. CMS require a contact form, so I decided to build a solution for koken myself. I provide an archive with a base version to the public.

Dubai - a vibrant and modern city

Dubai is a fascinating city. End of spring I decided to make a trip to Dubai in order to enjoy the warm climate and to observe the modern cityscape. Dubai offers some cultural sights, a rich selection of great architecture and even some great beaches.

Site Relaunch

Welcome to the 3rd version of my site. After my switch to another ISP I decided not to modernize my old CMS. Instead I went for a complete relaunch and rebrand with another CMS: koken. With this modern system I have more time to create conent